Having a sweet table or Candy cart?

Here at The Sweet Cellar we can provide you with sweets to fill up your jars & containers. We would advise not to buy the big huge jars (many come as 3 litre +) as they take so much to fill & 9 times out of 10 your guests wont be eating that much when you have those & a lot of the smaller jars.

So we say stick to the smaller jars!

We have over 70 sweets for you to choose from Jellies, Sour, Vegan, Retro , Haribo & Marshmallows.

You can bring your containers in to fill any time we are open. We are able to heat seal the sweets for when you are ready to use them or we can put them directly into the container so they are ready to go. The dates on our sweets are always 12 months +

The great thing about getting your jars filled you get exactly what you need & there is no waste.

A great way to find jars or glassware is to check out your local charity shops , car boots & local selling pages you just may find that one style you have been looking for.

If you have any questions please pop by to see us or you can email us -

Looking for inspiration take a look at our Pinterest board.

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