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Welcome to The Sweet Cellar

We will keep you updated on all things new & upcoming , highs & lows of day to day in the shop!

Firstly for those that don't know The Sweet Cellar is a teeny tiny family business based in Bolton, Manchester. Ran by Nicola & Paul.

We haven't always been known as The Sweet Cellar, since 2013 we have had a few name changes!

23rd June 2013 our name was Gobstoppers Bolton

2nd August 2014 Wholesale sweets UK

And finally 4th January 2016 The Sweet Cellar.

Way back in 2013 we started our sweet business with just £25 & a Facebook account!

We delivered locally in Manchester, got ourselves a stall on the world famous Bury market.

The market stall didn't quite work out for us so we decided to return back to working from home.

By 2016 we had built up our Facebook page & decided on a name change & continued to deliver throughout Bolton, Manchester & Wigan.

In 2019 we were lucky enough to find a unit in Bolton , how we were going to furnish it to open as a shop was another thing!

There are not many things that are absolutely brand new in the shop everything is recycled, reused / repurposed from the shelving to the counter.

We would say the only thing brand new is the Pink paint & the Pink till which I just had to have.

We had a fantastic first year then ......... along came Covid which like many others set us back quite a lot.

So that's all about how we got to here. We hope you will stick around as we bring as many updates, the good days as well as the not so good days.

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